Pooh and Felix travel to England

Plush hare Felix who loves travelling visited Apenrade, Denmark, during winter time. Pooh bear had invited him. They went to Brundlund Castle.The pond with the many ducks was interesting as was the old watermill. It was there when Pooh suddenly called out: "We can play a game of Pooh Sticks!" Instead of sticks they used lumps of snow and ice which they threw into the water on one side of the bridge, then they ran to the other side and looked down to: Whose lumped was coming first?

Felix and Pu had a lot of fun.

Pooh told Felix about Poohbridge in England where he had invented the game with fir cones and later used sticks. Felix would love to play this game there,too. So he was very happy when Pooh invited him to come along to England.

From Esbjerg in Denmark they went by boat to Harwich in England.

P u F in Esbjerg

After his arrival in England Felix wrote the following letter:


Pooh and I went on board the ferry "Dana Sirena". First I thought we were going to Fanö, but then we turned right into Vestre Dokkaj where "Dana Sirena" was already waiting. She is a combination of a passenger- and cargoboat. 600 passengers can be transported, there are 187 cabins and 2 km and 100 m of "streets" for cars and many containers. Looking out of our cabin window we could see the ferry to Fanö (she seems rather small), the water tower and music house of Esbjerg.

Oh, it hooted loudly: Slowly we sailed out of the harbour.Harbour, Esbjerg

We waved good-bye to the 3 huge men ("Mennesket ved Havet") near Esbjerg. soon the Danish coastline was no longer to be seen and it turned dark outside. Kabine

  Pooh and I made ourselves comfortable in our cabin. The Sea was calm and we slept well.

After a good Danish-English breakfast the next morning we looked from the passenger deck while we sailed into the Harbour of Harwich. Here ist is more lively than in the harbour of Esbjerg: Old red fire ships and modern ferries bound for Holland and Germany, sailing boats and fisher boats.

I our car we then drove towards London. Oh, bother! We are driving on the wrong side of the road! No, in England you drive on the left side, Pooh calmed me down.

In London Pooh is going to show me the 2 statues that are put up for Winnie-the-Pooh in London.

See you,


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